Centre for Science & Citizenship

The Centre for Science & Citizenship (CSC) is a independent registered New Zealand charitable trust (CC50629). The CSC provides educational services that explore and critically engage with a range of ethical issues that currently challenge us as individuals and communities. Through our interactive enQuiring minds programmes we nurture the ability to investigate an issue, engage in thoughtful discussion and develop a passion for social justice.

The Centre for Science and Citizenship: The story behind the symbol

Like the leaf that needs the tree, the soil, water, air and minerals to grow well, we too need to be part of a larger environment if we are to thrive. People need to be part of a community in a place that provides them with sustenance. Although part of a larger whole, we are unique identities in the same way that each leaf, although part of the tree, is patterned uniquely. In the same way that each leaf has a role to play in the sustenance of the tree, we all have a role to play to keep our community thriving.


The Team behind The Centre for Science and Citizenship Trust:

The Centre for Science and Citizenship Trust is run by volunteers who passionately care about to future of NZ and our young people. The Trustees work tirelessly to ensure the financial and legal obligations of the NZCSC are met and that the staff can continue their work, research and proividing education to the community. 



Professor Grant Gilett 

Board Member

Grant is Professor of Bioethics. He is trained in medicine and has worked as a neurosurgeon. Grant also has a PhD in philosophy and he is involved with teaching at a tertiary level in medical and bioethics programmes.

Nicholas Dzadza


Is an experienced accountant with qualifications in CPA - Aus, Certified Internal Auditor and Chartered Management Accountant. He also has an MBA and B. Com in Accounting. Nick manages our finances, tax obligations, accounting system and reporting. Nick did his articles with PricewaterhouseCooper and has worked with Practical Action, an international charity.

 Rob Stevens

Board Member

Via project and change leadership roles, Rob brings a depth of experience working with commercial, public sector, and iwi stake-holder groups. Rob has worked with a number of Trusts and has experience with business case development and fund raising.

Geoff Hawthorn

Board Member

Geoff has run a number of businesses in New Zealand and Australia, including twenty-three years in the New Zealand tourism industry, promoting ethical and sustainable tourism. A volunteer fireman in his local area and trained as a forest ranger, Geoff has a strong environmental and community focus.